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The Millennium Catamaran 
The Millennium is the largest most luxurious sightseeing catamaran in all of New England. The vessel can accommodate 400 passengers, has three viewing levels, outside sundeck seating, climate controlled interior seating, three restrooms and a full service bar/galley with light fare for seagoing luxury. If you haven't taken a ride on a high-speed catamaran, we encourage and invite you to come aboard and check out the latest in water travel.
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We operate the largest sightseeing catamaran
in all of New England

A state-of-the art aluminum twin-hulled water jet catamaran
A smooth comfortable ride, can reach speeds up to 40 MPH
First-class amenities, plush-cushioned interior seating
400 passenger capacity with seating for 285 inside
Powered by four Cummins engines producing 5200 horsepower
Engine Room Surveillance System with a Fire Suppression System
Multiple computerized GPS and Radar Systems
Inspected regularly by the United States Coast Guard

Enhanced Safety
A smooth ride is just one element of catamarans; safety is an even more significant factor. Unlike single-hulled vessels that are powered by propellers, the catamaranís two hulls are driven by water jets, similar to those found on most jet skis. The engines are controlled by a central computerized system which provides a single joystick that manipulates all four water jets. This provides the captain of the boat with the fastest emergency response time for any situation.
Why Water Jets?
The jets also reduce the potential of striking sea animals below the surface of the water because there are no shafts and propellers underneath the boat. Catamarans also have a shallow draft, meaning that it only needs a few feet of water to stay afloat, and this also reduces the risk of striking a whale or other animal. The water jets and draft contribute to the minimal wake that catamarans leave in their path, providing another advantage over conventional mono-hulled vessels.
To see a larger view of the ferry's 3 levels of seating, please click on the PDF document The Millennium Seating Layout